Environmental Testing in Madison, Wisconsin

Testing in Lab, Environmental Testing in Madison, WI

Mold Detection

Ensure safety for you and your family with mold detection for your home or business. Using highly innovative science and testing methods, you receive an affordable and honest biopsy analysis of air quality and risk for disease resulting from toxic mold.

Toxic Removal Services

Save your loved ones from the harmful effects of environmental toxins with toxic mold removal services. Peace of mind is a phone call away.

Contact William Croft in Madison, Wisconsin, and request more information about environmental testing and detection services.

Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday: 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. | Proudly Serving: the United States, Canada, & Europe

About Us

Environmental Diagnostic Group, LLC, in Madison, Wisconsin, provides environmental testing for toxic mold and researches human and animal diseases using the biopsy procedure on a scientific basis.. Scientist William Croft monitors the environment for past, present, and future diseases.

Using diagnostic pathology, chemistry, and scientific methods, like the biopsy, Dr. Croft is able to identify diseases. As a scientist, he is able to offer services others cannot. Dr. Croft bases his findings on pathology because cells do not lie. He enjoys helping clients, and seeing their faces light up, or knowing he helped to save their lives. Dr. Croft helps clients struggling financially as much as possible. Peers have utilized his findings in published works as scientific reference material. He has also experienced courtroom success many times.

Please visit the website for William Croft's published book, Operation Synapse